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Suzaku Logo By Kevin Pantanella
18 May 2018

Project: Website creation

Client: ALEX BOK, a French jeweler who wishes to share her passion for precious stone through her unique and original creations. She gathers stones from over the world to set then on crafted settings.

In order to improve her range through the digital sphere, Alex had to have an e-platform, so that she can promote and sell her creations. This is always a likable experience to work on such projects with an artist: discover new horizons and illustrate them make us proud.

We opted with her for a very surprising visual realization. Far from our specialization (web design) and from hers (jewelry), the painting was the aircraft that seduced us. With the use of paint stains, we tried to break the trend of cubes just slotting through the whole website.

ALEX BOK website Homepage by Suzaku Productions

The presence of an e-shop was, of course, inevitable, Alex being a passionate crafter, but also a retailer.

ALEX BOK website Shop by Suzaku ProductionsALEX BOK website Product by Suzaku Productions

It was also important to her to be able to describe each of her products, their story. This is why the visitor is able to read descriptions of Alex’s creations.

ALEX BOK website Product by Suzaku Productions ALEX BOK website Product by Suzaku Productions

This passion also has to be spread to the most. This is why we incorporated a blog to the website. This way, Alex is able to share the content she wants with her own words.

ALEX BOK website Blog by Suzaku ProductionsALEX BOK website Blog article by Suzaku Productions

In addition to the casual pages to Contact and Learn more about the company, we also implemented some pages to describe the service and help the potential consumer to determine the best product for him/her.

ALEX BOK website Size ring by Suzaku ProductionsALEX BOK website Ring party by Suzaku ProductionsALEX BOK website FAQ by Suzaku ProductionsALEX BOK website Contact by Suzaku Productions

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