Suzaku Logo By Kevin Pantanella
14 June 2018

Project: Website creation

Client: SENSATION, a French communication and event agency.

Organizing events and giving communication pieces of advice to other companies, Sensation wanted a website representing their ambitions.

We began, as always, by drawing the wireframe. We proposed to group most of the pages together and created a “Bonus” section, accessible by clicking on the animated beetle.

SENSATION website wireframe by Suzaku Productions


Because they looked for an original concept for their website, we got inspired and came up with the first idea for a design soon enough.

Sensation website draft by Suzaku Productions

Not convinced by this first draft, we focused on something smoother.

As soon as the wireframe was approved, we focused on the form of each page.

SENSATION website Event page by Suzaku Productions

SENSATION website Bonus page by Suzaku Productions



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A great logo or visual identity is more than just images and words. It tells who you arewhat you do and what you stand for at a glance.
Before any graphic design work, we brainstorm with you, discuss and exchange points of view in order to bring life to your ideas.
Then we start the design part and make several propositions. Once the final design is approved, we deliver files in all format you might need,  with all associated information (font, color, etc.).


Suzaku Productions Team.

Suzaku Logo


Kevin Pantanella